Hibis - The Brand Story

The hibiscus flower represents the letting go of all limitations and perfect integration of soul and body that is required to set you free to explore life. The flower comes in a variety of colors but the blue or purple ones are rare and captivate our attention. Its symbolic meaning in the spiritual world is warmth and vitality of life.

Our group of Hotels and Resorts is called "Hibis", after the rare and exquisite - blue hibuscus.

Although grown for strictly ornamental purposes, the hibiscus is well known for its culinary purposes in making relishes, jams or salads. Many people drink the hibiscus tea regularly for its medicinal properties.

We chose this versatile and evocative blue hibiscus in our brand as a mark of our love and admiration for it. This rare beauty is our source of inspiration and creativity in every step of our journey to excellence.

The Hibis experience

The Hibis experience integrates all elements of hospitality into one unique and unforgettable experience. It is aimed to relax and rejuvenate your body, liberate your mind and spirit, bring out your passions and open up and broaden your horizons.

This is the loving awareness that reflects in the way we design the rooms, to the way we prepare our food, treat our guests and return our dues to the local communities and planet earth.

The Hibis experience stands for:

  • Beauty: Setting eyes on the rare, delicate and tender appearance of the hibiscus brings an unexplicable comfort and warmth to the heart. The Hibis experience evokes that beautiful yet tender feeling in you. The locations, the rooms, food, experiences are designed with special love and attention in an effort to warm your heart and charm you out of this world.
  • Variety : Blooming in a variety of colors and unique color combinations, the hibiscus brings special meaning to life. White hibiscus represents a pure and feminine nature. The yellow hibiscus upholds being happy, luck and positivity. The pink represents deep friendship and love. The blue or purple hibiscus stands for intelligence, glory and mysterious situations. The red hibiscus symbolises passion and love. The Hibis experience presents you with a variety of choices and experiences to cater to your every mood and add special meaning to your life, helping you align with what you truly desire in that moment.
  • Vitality: Inspiring us to utilize each moment and have fun with life to the maximum possible extent, the hibiscus stands as a symbol of joy, love and affection between family members, friends, and all the special people in your life. It motivates you to spend quality time with your loved ones. The Hibis experience carries you beyond destinations, to spaces where you can disconnect from your personal lives, reawaken your senses and be reconnected to yourself, others and the world around you. Whether you want to be alone or with your loved ones, you can relax, have fun and be you.
  • 4)Royalty: Simple and elegant and yet extravagant with extraordinary features, the hibiscus stands for glory and royalty. The Hibis experience brings you royal luxury with a touch of class. You need to indulge and pamper yourself because you truly deserve the best.
  • Sincerity: A perfect gesture of true love and emotion that mark sincerity and honesty are perfectly projected by a hibiscus. The Hibis experience reflects our staff's sincerity and commitment to making you our highest priority in taking care of your needs with dedication and devotion.

Hibis, Goa experience

Our first Hibis venture starts in magnificent Morjim, Goa. This Hibis property is located at the confluence of the Chapora river and Morjim beach in North Goa.

You are adventurous and wild and want to explore the happening beaches, vibrant nightlife, budget markets and Goan street food treats of North Goa but at other times, you are in a tranquil mood and want to laze and relax by the secluded and calm beaches of South Goa, exploring cultural tourist attractions and lounge around with gourmet delights. Hibis Goa brings you the best of both worlds. No matter who you want to be,and what you want to do, we have something for you.

You love to indulge yourself in luxury at times but at other times you just want to feel at home. You can choose to fall into the lap of luxury with a touch of class in our deluxe rooms or sink into a cozy and earthy feel in our cottages. If you know your vibes of the moment, we have got the right room for you.

You are always a planner, thinker and doer, always on the go but sometimes you wish to turn it all off and let someone just take care of you. Don't hesitate to count on us to be there for you, caring for your needs and pampering you. Our staff is enthusiastic, skilled and committed to making your life easy and think- free while you stay with us.

You love a variety of foods and are a great connosieur of taste but you are conscious of your health and the count of your calories. We got your tummy matters covered. Our "Chef on the floor" guarantees to not just fill your belly and nourish you but also titillate your taste buds with gastronomical delights from the local as well as continental and other global cuisines.

You are eager to unwind and rejuvenate but you also wish to gently awaken your spirit and senses. We can help create that unforgettable experience for you depending on what you are looking for. There's definitely a journey for every type of traveller - from local guided tours, fish and fenny experiences, beach walks, forest trails, boat rides on the river, olive ridley turtle watches, to casino and nightlife.

You want to frolic in the sun and sea but the sun-tanned look, frizzy hair and salty skin bothers you, step into our salon and get that perfectly groomed, camera ready look by the evening for that special dinner with that special someone.

While we want you to rejuvenate and reconnect with fun, joy and laughter, we are serious about being socially responsible and eco-friendly. We care for our local communities and the health of our planet.

We are doing our bit by creating fun and learning for the children of the local community by creating a local football team and helping aid their education.

Our business utilizes several natural and local resources. We need them for our use but we are eager to minimise wastage in all forms. We opt for environmentally friendly products and recycle all our waste.